Ending Rouge Parking Operators

Smart Parking UK were operating the Westgate Carpark in Basildon.

The charging and fining system in operation led to thousands of fines being issued despite people trying to do the right thing and pay the appropriate fee to park.

I was as fed up as everyone else is with the actions of the car park operator Smart Parking UK. The Westgate Cark Park in Basildon was one of the worst examples I have seen locally of blatant exploitation and heavy handedness by an organisation whose parking rules seem entirely constructed for exploitative financial gain.

It is totally wrong that Smart Parking UK charge their customers from the moment they enter the car park to the moment they leave without allowing a period of grace to return to their cars. This is unfair and discriminates against the elderly and disabled.

I helped bring an end to their unfair practices at Westgate and will work towards repairing the shopping centre's reputation.

Many of my constituents have joined a Facebook group which now has over three thousand members.


Westgate Shopping Centre: Smart Parking UK to be Investigated

Stephen Metcalfe and John Baron, the two local MPs for Basildon, welcome the news that following recent correspondence the British Parking Association (BPA) will now investigate Westgate car park operator Smart Parking UK against their Code of Practice.