Supporting Science & Technology

I am passionate about supporting science and technology. I participate in many groups in Parliament to help build on our modern industrial success story and help rocket Britain onto the global stage as a leading innovative force in fields like artificial intelligence (AI).

In the last Parliament Iwas Chair of Parliament's cross-party Science and Technology Committee , having being a member since 2010. In this Parliament I continue to serve as a member and now Co-Chair the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence (APPGAI) along with Lord Clement-Jones CBE.



The APPGAI will address the economic, social, and ethical implications of developing and implementing Artificial Intelligence (including machine learning, natural language understanding, automated reasoning, autonomous systems, etc).

We aim to unpack the term, to gather evidence to better understand it, to assess its impact, and, ultimately, to empower decision-makers to make policies in the sphere. Without being too technical, we will try to understand how AI will impact the lives of UK citizens and organisations, and subsequently, whether and how it should be regulated. Bringing together government, business, and academia we will share evidence and assist in setting an agenda for how the UK should address AI moving forward. There is a lot to explore and evidence is key shaping the future.