Westgate Shopping Centre: Smart Parking UK to be Investigated

Stephen Metcalfe and John Baron, the two local MPs for Basildon, welcome the news that following recent correspondence the British Parking Association (BPA) will now investigate Westgate car park operator Smart Parking UK against their Code of Practice.

This audit should ensure their somewhat questionable practices end or else they could be struck from the accredited Association’s register.

Stephen said: “In response to my Written Question to the Secretary of State for Transport, the Government have confirmed that the DVLA will only provide vehicle keeper information to private parking management companies like Smart Parking UK where they are members of an appropriate accredited trade association.”

Stephen added: “Since my question in the House of Commons chamber last week I have been contacted by numerous fellow MPs who similarly share my frustration with Smart Parking UK. I, along with my neighbour John Baron MP, continue to call for an end to their behaviour which risks the reputation of Westgate shopping centre in Basildon.”