International travel

The Foreign Secretary has advised against all but essential travel globally and advised all citizens abroad to return home as soon as possible on commercially available flights. The Government has  reached an understanding with airlines to work with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in the national interest to get people home. Over 1 million people have now returned home on commercial flights.

In addition, the Government has made available £75 million to charter repatriation flights from priority countries to the UK where commercial routes do not exist, beginning with the most vulnerable. Over 20,000 chartered flights have now taken place. Arranged flights are advertised on the Foreign & Commonwealth Office travel advice website which is constantly under review so that it reflects the latest assessment of risks to health and disruption to British people.

As the level of infection in the UK reduces, the Government will introduce a series of measures and restrictions at the UK border. This will contribute to keeping the overall number of transmissions in the UK as low as possible.

Soon, alongside increased information about the UK’s social distancing regime at the border, the Government will require all international arrivals to supply their contact and accommodation information, download and use the NHS contact tracing app and to self-isolate in their accommodation for fourteen days on arrival into the UK. Where international travellers are unable to demonstrate where they would self-isolate, they will be required to do so in accommodation arranged by the Government.

The Government is currently working to coordinate implementation across the UK and further information is to follow soon.