Protecting the Environment

I firmly believe in protecting both the UK's vibrant ecosystem and the natural environment worldwide. Environmental and economic progress are not just compatible: they depend on each other.

Ending Rouge Parking Operators

Smart Parking UK were operating the Westgate Carpark in Basildon.

The charging and fining system in operation led to thousands of fines being issued despite people trying to do the right thing and pay the appropriate fee to park.

Delivering Brexit

Like many of you, I am disappointed that we have not yet left the EU over 3 years after we voted to leave. 

Supporting Communities

I help to keep our country safe, protect our values and preserve our way of life. I work with the Police, Councillors & businesses to tackle crime head on and support local initiatives.

Driving Science & Technology

I am passionate about supporting science and technology. I participate in many groups in Parliament to help build on our modern industrial success story and help rocket Britain onto the global stage as a leading innovative force in fields like artificial intelligence (AI).

Improving Education

For me, quality education is a vital driver of social mobility and the key to building a more prosperous Britain. That is why visiting and supporting our schools is the most common activity I undertake when back in the constituency.