Stephen Metcalfe MP Welcomes Comments on Smart Parking from Basildon Borough Conservatives and thanks them for their Efforts

Stephen Metcalfe MP welcomes comments from Basildon Borough Conservatives and thanks them for the role they played in helping bring about an end to Smart Parking's unfair practices at Westgate in Basildon. 

Photo: Stephen Metcalfe and Basildon Mayor David Dadds campaigning to end Smart Parking unfair practices at Westgate.

Basildon Borough Conservatives said: "Basildon Borough Conservatives are delighted that Basildon's two Conservative MPs, John Baron and Stephen Metcalfe, working with Conservative colleagues on Basildon Council, were successful in convincing the owner of Westgate Car Park to take legal action to remove Smart Parking as the operator.

MPs and councillors across the Borough have been inundated with cases from residents who fell foul of the sharp practices in operation at the site, causing huge reputational damage to Westgate Shopping Centre and to the vitality and viability of Basildon Town Centre.

Although that damage will take time to repair, Basildon Conservatives welcome the removal of Smart Parking, which is a victory for all the people who came together to oppose their unfair practices.

We look forward to a new operator welcoming people back to Basildon Town Centre and working in a fair and reasonable manner."